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The diversity and complexity management and coordination capabilities brought by the diversification strategy have established a supply chain integration.  


Metal Castings

Provides some casting services: Aluminum Die Castings, Gravity Castings, Sand Castings, Investment Castings, Lost Wax Castings, Forging.

Plastic injection

Anything made of plastic injection molding, such as: storage box, water cup, trash can. Equipment housing.


Filter industry-specific series adhesives


Provides Si number #3303,#3305



Conforms to the production standards of the UK, European Union, the United States, Australia and other countries.


A variety of packaging solutions can be realized, and more packaging is being collected every year.


E-commerce is a quick way to realize small business to big business now, and it is our service to provide more reasonable suggestions


Own logistics system and cooperation with multiple international air and sea transportation. even drop shipping.

Industrial Design

The winning team of Red Dot Design in Germany and Outstanding Youth Design in China.

quality control

Three inspection procedures: 1. After factory inspection, 2. Our inspection, 3. Third-party commissioned inspection

Marketing solutions

Different online and offline marketing suggestions.

market development

Experience sharing of experienced market development.

Brand incubation

Help customers establish, plan and operate their own brand.

Business growing

Grow together with customers, and accompany the running to interact with various scenarios.

Management consulting

In-depth discussion of corporate management, to help start-up companies complete corporate management planning.

Mode fission

Help participating customers' operations and profit models accelerate the scale of fission.

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From helping you improve your supply chain management, enhancing your human resource strategy, guiding you to choose the right corporate social responsibility, and managing public relations, we provide all services to ensure your business success.

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