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Help customers analyze online and offline local target market needs and establish planning and operation of their own brand. Grow together with customers, and accompany the running to interact with various scenarios. Provide quality standards for different market needs to ensure that the quality meets expectations.

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A nice sunglasses manufacturer since 2000


This company opened overseas offline stores for wholesale in 2000, and now we have established CHAN ISSUE TRADE DEPARTMENT to developing international orders on the Internet in 2016.


Step out of China, enter the era of Internet international trade, and embrace changes.

Let us no longer become a processing factory for trading companies, but directly face the needs of customers.


Design Suggestions

Years of production and design experience can help you product design perfect.

Brand Strategy

Helping customers become brand owners is what this company been doing


From product design to brand design, operation strategy. Build e-commerce website. and Google Ads.

Product Development

The production cycle is shortened to 15 days. This is hardware strength.

Quality Inspection

After multiple quality inspections, the product is produced from production to the end customer without any problems

Graphic Design

Provide website and brochure shooting to graphic design, from manufacturing to sales methods.

“Industry prosper business.”

Youwei Kang

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We are a company that changes with the times and can do business with all types of buyers. Many people say that international trade used to be a big trade, but now it is a small business.
In fact, this is not the case. It is the era of the global village that allows more people to have access to international trade, just like you and me.


One step ahead

The delivery time is fast, and the customization process is systematic.


All in one

4 production workshops, including plastic glasses, metal glasses, acetate glasses, and TR-90 glasses.


achieving your goals

Cover everything from the initial idea to the perfect customized sunglasses and packaging solutions

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Custom logo brand with less MOQ is available.

you are not alone,Meet us on Silmo & Mido.

our advantage Include:

Effective quality control and competitive prices.

Strictly control the production cycle and Lead on time.

The range that can be manufactured but not limited to

FDA and CE

FDA registered manufacturer, and its products have passed CE certification.


An in-house laboratory for sunglasses testing to help us strictly control quality to meet all standards


Electroplating and coating workshop with an investment of tens of millions of CNY.

Systematic pipeline production process Control

Order confirmed

Order No.1033

Order No.1011

Accessories customization

Order No.1008

Frame production

Parts assembly

Order No.1035

Order No.1054

Quality Control

Order No.1401

Order No.10188

Quality double check

Order No.1001

The advanced visual process management allows the factory to complete the production process in an orderly manner within an effective Lead time period.

Enjoy more DIY personalized options for Your market.

Don’t limit your imagination to the frame shape, lens and color options.

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