Silicon Metal factory

zhongya is the most powerful in its field among our partners and is the largest producer of silicon metal in the China.

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tons/year production
12500KVA furnace
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Manufacturers of Metal Silicon

Domestic market

zhongya was established in 2010, the company focuses on supplying domestic factories and international trading, and has become China’s largest supplier of silicon metal #3303 #421.

CHAN ISSUE Trade is solely responsible for zhongya’s international export trade of silicon metatl.

The silicon metal of this specification produced by us is often used as a raw material for the production of Dimethylcyclosiloxane (DMC).


Our customers producing

Silane Intermediate

different grades


Specifications we produce


Si >99.3
Fe ≤ 0.3
Al 0.3
Ca 0.03
P 0.005


Si >99.58
Fe ≤ 0.2
Al 0.2
Ca 0.02


Si >99.2
Fe ≤ 0.5
Al 0.2
Ca 0.1


Si >99.2
Fe ≤ 0.4
Al 0.1-0.15
Ca 0.1


Si >99.2
Fe ≤ 0.4
Al 0.4
Ca 0.1


Si >98.7
Fe ≤ 0.5
Al 0.5
Ca 0.3

Silicon Metal


Product Name:Silicon Metal,금속 실리콘,金属ケイ素は
Grade:#3303, #2202,#421,#441,#521,#553
HS Code:28046900
CAS No.:7440-21-3
Product Standard:GB/T 2881-2014
Physical and Chemical Properties:Melting Point: 1410℃
Boiling Point: 2355℃
Relative Density (water=1): 2.30
Appearance: Grey with metallic luster

Properties and Uses

Mainly used for production of organic silicon, silica gel, poly-silicon, high purity semiconductor materials, special purpose alloys, desiccant silica gel, surface coating
and etc.

Package, Storage and Handling
Net weight 1000 kg/woven bag.
Storage at ventilate and dry place and
prevention from water, heat and fire;
Handling according to hazardous substances and prevention from exposing to sunlight and rain.

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